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35mm 2 lens Action Film Camera
Two Two Camera White/Red

Type : 35mm without flash
lens : Optical lens, f/8 28mm
shutter : Leaf shutter, speed 1/100sec
film to be used : 35mm color or black/white
dimensions : 95x63x33mm
weight : 90g

Price : RP 475.000

Robot Style 3 Lens Lomo Camera

Type : 35 type without flash
Lens: Optical lens, 28mm f8
Shutter : Leaf shutter, speed 1/100sec
Film to be used : 35mm format color or black & white film
Viewer Finder : Eye level finder
Focusing : Free
Dimensions : 95x63x33mm
Weight : 90g

Price : RP 475.000

Sunny Fruit Juice-35mm Film Hand Operated Lomo Camera

Lens: 27mm F9.5
Shutter speed : 1/100sec
Film to be used : 35mm film (color, B/W, slide film)
Focus distance : 1m ~ infinity
Dimensions : 33.6x63.5x99.8mm
Weight : 75.5g

Price : RP 625.000

Holga Fisheye Lens for Holga 135-135BC Lomo Film Camera

Brand New, unopened with box
-This is the latest product by the Holga factory
-This FISHEYE LENS is suit for Holga 135 camera such as Holga 135, Holga 135BC
-It comes with an unopened packing box, user manual, a black bag for fisheye lens, one front cover and one back cover

Price : RP 775.000

Holga 120GCFN Camera (6x6 insert included)

120CFN works the same as 120FN except 120CFN has a colorflash (white, red, yellow, and blue).
It functions like the colorflash for LC-As-now you can create crazy moody pictures with Holga!

Differences beetwen the old S series and the new N series :

-Both 4.5x6 and 6x6 inserts (square format) are included in this new set (old 120S doesn't included 6x6).
-A revolutionary "B-button" is added to the N series. You can keep the exposure (in a dark situation-night time or indoor) as long as you wish; it gives the picture a sense of motion. The Holga is now sort of a pinhole camera. Detailed instruction is in the menu.
-A screw hole is added for tripods.

Format : Medium takes 120 Film, Image Size 6.45x6cm and 6x6cm, Construction : Glass, Lens : 60mm/8 plastic, Shutter : 1/100 sec approx, Aperture : f/8 or f/11, Depth of field : 3 ft to inf., Weight : 4 oz.

Color : Black / white / blue / yellow / pink / violet / multicolor (blue-yellow, red-white)

Price : RP 775.000

35mm Lomo Color-Flash Holga k200N Fisheye camera set

*Package include : Holga k200N, Fisheye lens, Strap, English manual

Filn size : 135 ISO 100-400
Focusing : Fixed focus
Focus range : 1m ~ infinity
Lens : f/8 35mm optical lens (made in Japan)
Shutter Speed : 1/100
Power Source : one AA size 1.5V alkaline battery
Dimension : 132x75x50mm

Price : RP 825.000

Lomo 27mm Lens Panorama Film Camera With Flash

Smurf (red-blue)
Shrek (green-yellow)
Nero (red-black)

Price : RP 625.000

Can Cola 35mm Film Camera

Film : 35mm Film (color, B/W, slide film)
Lens : 35mm F10
Shutter Speed : 1/100sec
Focus Distance : 1.2m ~ infinity
Size : 66x123mm
Weight : 163g

Price : RP 625.000

NEW Jelly squeezable body 35mm Film Toy Camera

Film : 35mm fil (color, B/W, slide)
Lens : 35mm/f9, plastic lens
Focus : 1m ~ infinity
Weight : 119g
Shutter Speed : 1/120sec ~ 1/110sec
Size : 122.3(W)x89(H)x44.2(D)mm

Price : RP 625.000

FOR MORE INFO,CONTACT : 085691842477,08561689881

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